Success Stories in Solano: Probation Offers Second Chance to Justice-Involved Individuals


Last January, “C” was placed on Pretrial Supervision and could not leave his home due to court-ordered restrictions. While home, “C” pursued his high school diploma and enrolled in the Fairfield/ Suisun Adult School. Although he faced many obstacles, such as managing emotional issues and conflicts in his household, he confided in probation officers who encouraged him to stay on track and complete his goals. Six months later, he successfully graduated and earned his high school diploma. In addition, he complied with Pretrial Supervision, and the court removed him from electronic monitoring. 

“C” was proud of his accomplishment and stated,” I was able to do in six months what I could not do in eighteen years.” 

With the help of probation officers and staff, clients like “C” are given second chances at a healthier, safer, and more productive life. Probation is the alternative to incarceration and provides clients with the tools and resources they need to lead positive lives.