Release: CPOC Foundation Hosts 2022 Foster Care Conference Focuses on Building Connections for a Better Future

Press Release

SACRAMENTO, CA (May 25, 2022) – The Chief Probations Officers of California Foundation today wrapped up its Foster Care Conference, “Building Connections for a Better Future,” which annually brings together hundreds of staff from probation departments, child welfare, behavioral health departments, STRTP and FFA agency providers and community-based agencies to provide opportunities to explore ways to enhance services and supports for foster youth and families.

“Building connections and providing hope, help, and accountability is vital for foster youth. We must continue to participate in these important conversations on how we can best serve our youth and connect them with the tools, resources, and support they need,” said Chief John Keene, President of Chief Probation Officers of California. “Our probation officers are trained experts on managing trauma and other needs of youth while highlighting the importance of being accountable for oneself and one’s community and provide compassionate care to put them on a safer, healthier pathway.” 

Throughout the two-day conference, the conversation touched on everything from serving and supporting youth with complex care needs, racial equity, and navigating the court process under the Family First Prevention Services Act. Each session was led by guest speakers who are experts in their fields and cultivated insightful conversations critical to the successful implementation of the continuum of care reform and FFPSA.

The conference opened with the premiere of the documentary, Jetro’s Journey, a new film featuring a young man in probation supervised foster care. The documentary shares his journey with the Gaines’ family who opens their home to him, and the ongoing support of probation as he learns to trust and heal.

There were seven sessions led by a variety of guest speakers. Additionally, the conference featured keynote speakers Professor Jessica K. Heldman, who shared her findings from the recent California Probation Resource Institute commissioned report, The Evolution of Juvenile Justice and Probation Practices in California, and Anthony Poponi, a two-time resource (foster) parent. He shared how to find happiness in challenging work and in one’s every day life. 

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