Calculating Custody Credits – Fresno


IMPORTANT: Due to many counties limiting travel to necessary activities, CPOC is suspending this training. We will be reassessing how best to get the most critical trainings back on the calendar including but not limited to rescheduling or online opportunities where appropriate. 

This course will provide a detailed review of the law concerning entitlement to actual time and conduct custody credits, including statutory limits on credits and the attributability of credits in multiple-case sentencing. The course will include instruction on post-sentence procedures for parole eligibility and custody credit for prison sentences under Proposition 57 and conversion of fines to custody time. The course is presented through a combination of written text, exercise materials, lecture with PowerPoint, and class participation in hypothetical sentencing situations.

Instructor: Judge Richard Couzens

Date: April 22, 2020

Fee: $125 ($87.50 STC Tuition + $37.50 Registration Fee) 

Location: Fresno, CA

STC Certification: 767-75839 (7 STC Hours) 

Lunch will be provided