Calculating Custody Credits – Live Webinar


This course offers detailed instruction on awarding actual time and conduct credits in criminal cases.  The class reviews conduct credit limitations, awarding of credits with concurrent and consecutive sentencing, and the rules of attributability when credit is claimed in more than one case.  The class also reviews sentencing strategies to maximize the jurisdictional time over the defendant by use of the credit rules.    The class is presented with a combination of lecture, PowerPoint, hypothetical case problems, and written text materials.

Includes access to instructor’s virtual office hours a few weeks after the conclusion of the live webinar for detailed Q&A.

Instructor: Judge J. Richard Couzens, Retd.

NOTE: At this time, this webinar class is limited to probation staff ONLY. 

Cost: $150 ($122.50 STC Reimbursement)

Platform: Zoom

STC Credits: 6 hours (#03998873)

Webcams are required.

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