CCR Live Webinar: Advanced Practice for Administrators


Course description: AB 403 (the Continuum of Care Reform, or CCR) took effect January 1, 2017, and probation departments throughout the state have continued to implement the requirements of the legislation. Participants in this course will receive a basic overview of CCR, and an overview of the specific areas of requirement, as well as some current information about the impact of COVID-19 to Probation operations in the area of placement. Training will include discussion of funding streams and how to apply them, operationalizing CCR into policy and practice, and behavioral health considerations. Participants will be polled as to CCR practices in their departments, and asked to share strategies and recommendations for best practice in breakouts and in discussion.

Instructor: Holly Benton, Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Santa Barbara County Probation Dept. 

No cost to attend.

STC certification #: 07902700 (4 credits)

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