CPOC Foundation’s California Pretrial Services Academy
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Save your spot in an upcoming, first of its kind, California specific training developed for probation professionals implementing this program. The content will focus on answering the “why,” “what,” and “how” pretrial staff execute their roles to promote success for individuals released during the pretrial phase of their case. Strategies to maximize public safety, increase court appearance and promote safe releasing decisions by the court will be explored. The curriculum will include interactive exercises, done both individually and in a group setting. Combining the operational application of pretrial and understanding the policy and court cases that guide the purpose of the program. The curriculum and Faculty will include a variety of national and California experts to deliver training that will be specifically responsive to the implementation of the SB 129 program. This program is recommended and open to all levels of pretrial probation professionals, including line level and management staff. Cost per attendee is $2,000 for an estimated 60 STC hours of training spread over the course of eight days.

Topic will include but not limited to:

  • Overview of Pretrial Services

    • History of pretrial services in California
    • Pretrial legal framework: current laws and principles
    • Development of pretrial policies and procedures
    • What kind of characteristics make an effective pretrial program and staff?
  • Establishing Credibility in your Pretrial Role
    • Collaborating with the Court to make informed decisions at pre-arraignment and arraignment.
    • Establishing relationships with stakeholders
    • Effective communication skills with stakeholders and clients to build trust.
  • Promoting Success using a Validated Pretrial Assessment Tool
    • What is a pretrial risk assessment tool?
    • When and how should a risk assessment tool be utilized?
    • Maintaining fidelity of the tool and confidence with the Court
  • Promoting Success through Pretrial Monitoring
    • Identifying the goals of pretrial monitoring and its effectiveness
    • Pretrial monitoring vs. probation supervision: compare and contract.
    • Monitoring specialized populations and identifying resources to help them succeed.
  • Measuring Success
    • Pretrial system measures to track (including rates of court appearance, new arrest rate, and pretrial release).

Location: 2150 River Plaza Drive, Ste 310, Sacramento, CA 95833

Course Schedule:

Week 1: January 7-10, 2025
Week 2: February 4-7, 2025

Tuesdays through Thursdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Fridays 8:00am to 3:00pm

Estimated 60 Hours

Tuition: $2000

Registration Link: https://cvent.me/mQYOXr?locale=en

Note: Dates, times and locations are subject to change. Counties may send a substitute if the registrant is unable to attend.​