Crisis Management – Sacramento


There is a fine line between crisis –a time when difficult or important decisions must be made, and chaos – the sensitivity of small changes in conditions. Even if we cannot predict crises, the way we address those situations can reduce or even eliminate their chaotic state of mind. Communication, critical decision making, conflict management, strategic planning, out of the box thinking and emotional intelligence are all core components required in leadership through crises. Despite the necessity of these characteristics, the development of these core leadership features is often neglected. This Crisis Management program provides practical tools to effectively plan, prepare and lead before, during and following times of crisis.

Instructor: Tomer Benito

Date: March 4th, 2020

Fee: $125 ($100.00 STC Tuition + $25.00 Registration Fee) 

Location: Sacramento, CA

STC Certification: 01371955

Lunch will be provided

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