Hope Navigator Training – Virtual Training


The Hope Navigator Course is an in-depth training that builds the capacity to train and provide leadership and support with finding, enhancing, and modeling hope-centered initiatives. Hope Navigators are empowered to develop and implement hope-centered initiatives to improve the wellbeing and goal attainment of targeted populations. This program develops expertise within a team of participants to champion and “navigate” the Science and Power of Hope Training advances to high impact when an organization has the expertise to sustain the hope-centered practice beyond a training event. Hope Navigators must have a commitment to hope and be willing to use the program to sustain the organization’s Hope Centered vision. 

Hope Navigator training is comprised of 12-hours spread across four sessions of advanced hope training over two days. To participate in this course, registrants must have either attended the 3-Hour Hope Awareness Trainings provided in the Summer of 2021 or viewed the recording that is available on HOPEhub. 

COST: There is NO cost to attend this virtual training

STC: This class will be certified for 12 STC hours

Dates and Time:
Thursday-Friday, May 5th & 6th, 2022
8:30am to 3:30pm (with one hour lunch)

Application: Hope Navigator Application - Virtual