Implementation Overview of New Laws 2024 – Juvenile Law
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This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the new laws that were signed by the Governor in October 2023, which pertain to juvenile probation and will be implemented in 2024. The session will cover the considerations and implications of implementing recently enacted legislation that impacts probation departments and related state and local systems. This course is intended for probation professionals at all levels.  

Instructors: Danielle Sanchez, Legislative Director, CPOC
                    Rosie McCool, Deputy Director, CPOC

Platform: Zoom Meeting

Date and Time: 11/14/2023 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

STC Certification: 06463077 (3 Hours) 

Cost: $50 STC Tuition Reimbursable

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*A working webcam and microphone are needed to participate and receive credits for this webinar.