Live Webinar: Addressing Concerns About Domestic Violence During COVID-19
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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders, many professionals and advocates have worried that the additional stressors caused by a pandemic (eg., sudden job loss, uncertain economic futures, having to teach children at home, fear of loved ones getting sick, etc)  in combination with the months-long confinement could result in an increase in violence and abuse in the home.  While some research is now supporting this fear, many police departments are reporting a decrease in domestic violence – related calls.  According to some experts, the decrease in calls could be a bad sign.  It could mean that victims are unable or more afraid to report their abuse.  Because of COVID-19 precautions, many shelters and other resources are not available in the way they would otherwise be.  Probation officers continue to have contact, either virtually or in-person, with the probationers on their caseloads.   During this two-hour interactive webinar, former probation officer and domestic violence trainer, Nada Yorke, will be available to answer questions for issues specific to probation officers from across the State, such as how to identify signs of potential domestic violence in the home, how to work with local Batterer Intervention Programs to decrease offender’s abuse, and what tools and resources are available which officers can use to help potential victims without exacerbating the situation.

Instructor: Nada Yorke, LCSW

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STC Certification # 05035084 (2 STC Hours) 

Platform: Zoom Webinar 

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