Live Webinar – Advanced Felony Sentencing


This course will teach important aspects of sex crimes and crimes punished under the Three Strikes law after the enactment of Proposition 36. Participants will learn crimes that are eligible and ineligible for probation, rules regarding second, third and consecutive sentencing, as well as management of persons on Postrelease Community Supervision (PRCS).

**Please note: It is highly recommended attendees take Basic Felony Sentencing or Sentencing after Realignment course prior to taking this course.

Instructor: Judge J. Richard Couzens

Cost: $120.00 ($112.50 STC Tuition + $7.50 Registration Fee) 

STC certification: 09046856 (6 hours) 

Platform: Zoom Meeting

Registration link:

*Working webcam and microphone is needed to participate in this webinar.