Live Webinar: Advanced Practice for Foster Care Placement
Virtual Training


California’s foster care system reforms, most recently California’s Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) have impacted practices relating to juvenile justice involved youth in out of home care. This is 6-hour course moves beyond the basics of CCR and provides a condensed advanced training session that includes how the juvenile probation placement process was enhanced by the requirements of CCR and covers pre-placement responsibilities to assist in preventing youth being removed from their homes. This training will include a case vignette from start to finish, capturing these duties along with the transitional component to assist in the successful outcomes of foster care youth. Topics such as wraparound services; findings and orders; case plan reviews; Child and Family Teaming (CFT); Interagency Placement Committee (IPC); searching, securing, and preserving placements; FFPSA processes, Resource Family Approval (RFA), and AB 12/extended foster care will be encompassed in this webinar.

Target Audience: This course is designed for case carrying DPOs working in juvenile probation placement units.  Supervisors may also find this course informative.

Instructor – Jim Amaral, Nevada County Probation Department 

Webcam and microphones are needed for this training.

No charge for this course

Platform: Zoom Meeting

STC Certification Number: 04229295 (6 STC Hours) 

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