Live Webinar: Basic Felony Sentencing
Limited Spots Available
Virtual Training


This class will provide probation officers with an understanding of basic felony sentencing. The class would consist of discussion of the fundamentals of evidence-based sentencing, the probation sentence: the appropriateness and conditions of supervision, basic rules of sentencing after realignment under Penal Code, section 1170(h), the strategies of sentencing after realignment, introduction to custody credits, sentencing of multiple counts and cases. victim restitution, violations of supervision: probation and mandatory supervision; People v. Leiva. The class would be taught with a combination of lecture, PowerPoint, hypothetical case problems and written text materials.

Instructor: Judge J. Richard Couzens

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Platform: Zoom Meeting

STC #03981675 (6 STC hours) 

Cost: $140.00 ($102.50 STC Tuition + $27.50 Registration Fee) 

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*Working webcam and microphone are needed to participate and recieve credits for this webinar.​