Live Webinar – Cultural Diversity in Corrections: How You See Me Matters


The attendees will be exposed to topics and definitions of racism, discrimination, bias, implicit biases and prejudice. The course will expose the attendees to the psychology behind toxic and damaging thought patterns that can create negative behaviors in the corrections field. In addition, attendees will gain a greater situational awareness of their interpretation of their work environments by understanding why we think the way we do about on duty activities. The intent of this course is to have each attendee understand the pattern of their own subconscious thoughts and how this can affect actions that can lead to a positive or negative outcome. This course will also discuss sensitivity to culture, race and sex.

Instructor: Jason Dale – Orange County Probation

Cost: $75.00 (BSCC Mental Health JAG Fund) 

STC cert #: 04198163

Platform: Zoom Webinar

Course full – Registration is now closed. ​