Live Webinar: Family Finding Legal Requirements
Virtual Training


This session will focus on the current Federal and State requirements for Relative Placement Preference as well as Family Finding and Engagement (FFE) mandates for a youth who has come into foster care or is at risk of placement into foster care.  Strategies to adhere to the legislative intent and research supporting “kinship” placements and involvement will be discussed.  Additional “family focused mandates” will be provided, including reasonable efforts, family preservation services which lead to better outcomes for youth.  The FFE approach will be described along with an overview of the Child and Family Team development and facilitation to engage as many family and important network members as possible.  Strategies to locate “family” through internet searches and strategies to engage “family” in supporting the youth will be provided.


Bob Friend, LCSW, Director; Clif Venable, Senior Search Specialist

Kelly Lynn Beck, JD, Trainer 

Webcam and microphones are needed for this training.

No charge for this course

Platform: Zoom Meeting

STC Certification Number: 00004668 (2.5 STC Hours) 

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