Live Webinar: Response Practices for Trauma


Probation staff are constantly exposed to probationers with psychological and behavioral issues related to stress and trauma. This often leads to fatigue and empathic burnout as these behaviors are not routinely discussed in the work environment. This course will discuss stress triggers, types, and various levels of trauma. After the completion of this course, Probation Officers will be able to use appropriate language to talk to one another and others outside of their profession about the stress and trauma of the corrections work environment. Attendees will be exposed to tactics on how to exercise self-care behaviors to stay healthy for the length of their careers. An intended product of this course is the departmental culture change to address and encourage future employee-centered conversations about personal issues that are work-related and how to seek advice and help in a time of need to deal with stress and trauma.

Instructor: Jason Dale – Orange County Probation
STC certification: 07963038 (4 hours)

Cost: $75.00 (STC Tuition) 

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*Webcam and microphone are REQUIRED*