Live Webinar – Think Trauma: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Youth and Young Adults in the Justice System


This training is designed to assist individuals working with youth and young adults in the justice system understand trauma and its impact on the individual. Participants will learn 1) how exposure to traumatic events affects the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of youth and young adults on probation; 2) how maladaptive coping skills are often used by traumatized individuals to survive traumatic events; and 3) ways to assist youth and young adults with creating new ways of coping.

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Jones

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Cost: $120.00 ($105 STC tuition + $15 Registration Fee)

STC certification: 04601901 (7 hours) 

Platform: Zoom Meetings 

This course is full. Please check back for additional offerings in the future.