Live Webinar: Understanding and Addressing Racial Trauma


Racial trauma is a traumatic form of interpersonal violence which can lacerate the spirit, scar the soul, and puncture the psyche. Every day, when we turn on the TV, click on social media, and even in our daily experience with the world, we are exposed to the issues of racism. Dealing with the topic of racism in an open, factual and compassionate way may alleviate some anxiety around the topic and offer hope for a way to move forward. This 3-hour webinar will explore the role systemic, institutional, and interpersonal racism plays out in our everyday lives. Culminating with suggestions for ways in which we as individuals and as an organization can make a difference.

Instructor: Jennifer R. Jones-Damis, PsyD, LPC

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $60.00 ($56.25 STC + $3.75 registration fee)

STC # 02785312 (Certified for 3 STC Hours)

Platform: Zoom Meeting