Substance Abuse Disorder for Probation Officers – Fairfield


IMPORTANT: Due to many counties limiting travel to necessary activities, CPOC is suspending all trainings through the end of March as well as the “Substance Abuse Disorder for Probation Officers” training that was scheduled for April 2nd in Fairfield. We will be reassessing how best to get the most critical trainings back on the calendar including but not limited to rescheduling or online opportunities where appropriate. 

This 4-hour course provides an overview of addiction, screening, assessment, and Level of Care Determination. The SUD Treatment Ecosystem in California Communities is discussed while looking at evidence-based treatments of substance abuse disorders across the criminal justice continuum. Topics covered in this training also include effective treatment planning, toxicology testing, tips and tricks for Probation to best understand MAT, prevent diversion and increase success, and dealing with relapse.

Instructor: Scott Haga

Time: 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: Fairfield, CA

Cost: $115.00

STC certification pending for 4 hours. 

Lunch will not be provided