County Spotlight: Butte County Probation Drug and Veterans Treatment Courts Success


The Butte County Probation Department has four collaborative Courts. Collaborative Courts are comprised of multi-disciplinary teams, who work to be responsive to the needs of the participants. They allow participants an opportunity to participate in evidence based treatment models as an alternative to traditional court processing. This week, we are highlighting two of those courts, Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court. 

Drug Court:

Butte County Treatment Court (BCTC) is a post-conviction program for non-violent offenders who assess as high prognostic risk and high criminogenic needs for substance abuse and/or addiction diagnosis. The program is operated in compliance with the Ten Key Components and Best Practice Standards of Drug Courts, as established by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP).

Some of the graduates include:

  • Kayla Saise, has worked diligently over the last 3 years to create a new, successful, life for herself. She obtained employment, obtained her own residence, obtained her driver’s license, purchased her first vehicle, and regained custody of her child. Through it all, she has remained strong in her sobriety!

Veterans Treatment Court:

The Butte County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is a voluntary, Court-supervised program designed to offer justice-involved veterans an opportunity to participate in a treatment-based model as an alternative to traditional Court processing. The VTC is comprised of justice partners, veterans services groups, and community-based organizations who work together to create a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment that is responsive to the needs of the Veteran and the community.

Veterans continue fighting even after their military service has ended as they struggle with substance abuse, mental health, and reintegrating into civilian life. With the help of the Veterans Treatment Court team, these veterans complete an intensive treatment program and period of probation supervision lasting a minimum of  12  months. Graduates fight hard to address their needs, complete the program, and have achieved a tremendous accomplishment. 

Veterans Treatment Court was established in 2015, follows the National Drug Court model, and is tailored to the unique needs of veterans. The Butte County Veterans Treatment Court has graduated over 20 veterans from the program.

Some of the graduates include:

  • Christopher Claxton, a United States Marine Corps member from 2006-2010, Iraq War Veteran, completed innovative restorative programs and reached educational achievements.   
  • Jeremy Bailey, a United States Army member from 2008-2014, Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran, completed educational achievements at Butte College and plans to use his creativity with a career in graphic design. 
  • Zak Schulps, a United States Marine Corps member from 1988-1991, Gulf War Veteran, is a local business owner, completed innovative restorative programs.  
  • Randy Cook, served in the U.S. Marine Corps Special Forces during the Vietnam War, arriving when he was 17 and facing combat as soon as he turned 18; now 68, he still faced demons from those dark days, but since has graduated, bought a home, and got engaged. 
  • Brian Dudley, an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran, was facing a possible prison sentence for felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon and misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence. October 2020 marked the graduation of Mr. Dudley from the Butte County Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Richard Hubbell, an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran, was also facing a possible prison sentence for felony Driving Under the Influence. In October 2020, Mr. Hubbell successfully graduated from the Butte County Veterans Treatment Court.

Probation Officers who are a part of a collaborative Court team have additional responsibilities than other officers. They have regular team meetings, more Court appearances, and additional assessments and other paperwork to be completed.

Butte County Probation is fortunate to have officers that are willing to put in the extra work to help all participants succeed and make changes for the betterment of themselves and the community.

Information taken from Butte County Probation social media, Two Local Veterans Graduated from Butte County Veterans Treatment CourtSecond Chance: Court Program Offers Treatment Over Jail Time for Veterans…