New Chief Probation Officer in Fresno County


There is a new Chief Probation Officer in Fresno County.

Kirk Haynes, Division Director for the Realignment Services, has been hired to replace the current interim Chief.

The department that Haynes was in was tasked with implementing Assembly Bill 109, which transfers the supervision responsibility of state prisoners, upon their release, from the State to the Probation Department.


The L.A. Model: Changing young lives at Campus Kilpatrick

The L.A. Model: Changing young lives at Campus Kilpatrick

Campus Kilpatrick is the flagship location of the Los Angeles County Probation Departmentʼs“L.A.Model”for juvenile rehabilitative service facilities. The Department,in partnership with other county departments and the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) successfully opened the first L.A. Model cottage at Campus Kilpatrick in July 2017.


At-risk youth, senior volunteers team up on the basketball court
Respect, teamwork are some of the lessons learned by students during the weekly games

From Gilroy Life

A typical high school basketball game pulses with energy. The ball thuds against the backboard, echoing throughout the gym. Shoes squeak against the shiny wooden floors as players and officials sprint the length of the court. The gentle swish of the ball passing through the net is met with the muffled clap of random high-fives and boisterous cheers from the audience.


Humboldt County’s chief probation officer Bill Damiano to retire

From Eureka Times-Standard

Humboldt County’s Chief Probation Officer Bill Damiano is set to retire on April 13, with the Board of Supervisors voting Tuesday to appoint his assistant Shaun Brenneman to the post on an interim basis.

Damiano, who has served as chief probation officer since 2010 and has more than 29 years experience working for probation, informed the board of his plans to retire in late 2017.


San Rafael boxing program offers ‘pro-social’ impact

From Marin Independent Journal

As would be expected a month before a professional boxing fight, Iris Contreras found herself in a gym, boxing.

But Contreras, 20, one of just two Latina professional boxers in Northern California, wasn’t working on her own form but instead working with dozens of young people — including several women — as part of the new Canal Friday Night Boxing program.


Program Helps Reduce Recidivism In Criminals
The Butte County Probation Department's 'Male Community Rehabilitation Program' in Oroville works to reduce the tendency of convicted criminals to reoffend.

From Action News Now

The Butte County Probation Department’s ‘Male Community Rehabilitation Program’ in Oroville works to reduce the tendency of convicted criminals to reoffend.

Last month the state gave the program $399,300 to fund the alcohol and drug treatment services, allowing 20 additional participants and 2 new officers.


Girls in Detention Find Encouragement Through Running Club

From County News Center

Ten teenage girls wearing matching purple T-shirts and Nike sneakers run around and around a small interior recreational yard, marking their hands with a highlighter pen for each lap. Twenty- seven laps is a 5K – the length of the race they plan to run in this Sunday.

“You can do it, keep going,” someone says when one slows to walk.


‘It’s pretty cool.’ Parents of juvenile offenders see their kids’ art in the courthouse

From the Sacramento Bee

There are two large, glass display cases to the right when you walk through the Sacramento County Juvenile Court. One features a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. constructed from colorful, handmade paper squares. The other has woodwork pieces, including two birdhouses, a small Christmas tree, and a snowman painted white sporting a top hat and red bow tie.