Case Planning


Carey, M. & Carter, M. (ed.) (2010). Coaching Packet Series 2: Effective Case Management. Center for Effective Public Policy.

Case Planning is one of the key elements of Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) and has been shown, when implemented correctly, to have the potential to reduce recidivism rates. This Coaching Packet provides a useful description of the case management process, identifies the characteristics of a successful case manager and provides a case management check list to ensure all components of the process are being used. This Packet is helpful for Officers who are learning how to case plan and for seasoned officers who want to ensure they are effective in delivering case planning.

Burke, P., Herman, P., Stroker, R. & Giguere, R. (2010). TPC Case Management Handbook- An Integrated Case Management Approach. National Institute of Corrections.

This article is about case planning on both the institutional and community corrections levels. The authors discuss the four tracks of risk containment, risk reduction, stabilization, and administrative supervision as well as the types of resources that are needed for each track. It details the desired skill sets of staff in community supervision agencies, performance measures to track, implementation strategies, and provides an integrated case management checklist. The article also provides state models and examples of case management systems and case plan formats.

Carey, M., Goff, D., Hinzman, G., Neff, A., Owens, B. & Albert, L. (2000). Field Service Case Plans: Bane or Gain? American Probation and Parole Association.

This brief article discusses key components of a case plan, case plan characteristics, interventions, and gives examples and summaries of case plans from four different jurisdictions. The article is geared towards managers who want to integrate principles, theories, and research into case planning. It stresses and provides reasons for the importance of case plans and why they should be utilized to their fullest potential by staff.