Outcome and Data Tracking


Planning your programs with data and research in mind, tracking data in a way it can be analyzed, and reported for making decisions are key pieces of understanding your department.As departments are responsible for gathering and reporting more items locally, CPOC is developing resources to support these endeavors.

Outcome Frameworks

Doing research and understanding your population require planning and collaboration to define what is important to track, as well as what tracking certain tell you about your programs. Logic models are tools for developing some of these ideas and goals, then linking them to data.

Tracking Templates

These excel based templates are meant to demonstrate basic data structure for tracking topics and approaches of interest to departments. These are not meant to replace case management systems, but help frame how data can be tracked to facilitate better analysis.

Dashboard and Displaying Data

Gathering and tracking information is an important step, but effectively large amounts of information helps to use data more effectively. Dashboards are a popular model for doing this and can be done with any level of data via any software. The most important part is working collaboratively with viewers and users to make sure data make sense.