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Department of Finance on Use of SB678 funds: (per e-mail to Karen Pank from DOF staff Jennifer Rockwell; 8-3-12) Your first inquiry involves SB 678. This statute provides “funding for providing evidence-based practices and supervision. “You had inquired whether funding can be used for an existing program. It is the Department of Finance’s legal view that this funding can be used for an existing or new program so long as is it used to provide “evidenced-based practices and supervision.” This funding is flexible and may be used to fund a variety of positions or partial positions including but not limited to probation officers, social workers, and health and mental health providers. The funding may also be used to fully or partially fund activities in order to continue any and all effective programs or to engage in new policies, procedures, programs, and practices designed to reduce recidivism.

You have also inquired regarding supplantation issues involving money from the Local Revenue Fund 2011. SB 1020 explicitly provides that “the funds deposited into a County Local Revenue Fund 2011 (CLRF 2011) shall not be used by local agencies to supplant other funding for Public Safety Services. “ (Govt. Code. § 30025, subd. (e)(6).) The non-supplantation requirement applies to all of the Public Safety Services including services ranging from foster care, to Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program, probation, to employing law enforcement personnel. This particular requirement does not restrict how CRLF 2011 monies are spent, instead it prohibits the CRLF 2011 funds from replacing other program funding in order to create general savings for a county.

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This report examines the first year of implementation of SB 678. It includes data regarding the success of county probation departments in supervising adult felony probationers, examines corresponding crime rates for the year, and describes the use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds by probation departments as well as the role of the Community Corrections Program of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

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