Ardavan Davaran

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Ardavan Davaran, Ph.D., is a trained sociologist and mixed-methods researcher with a background in criminal justice and behavioral health policy research. Dr. Davaran has extensive experience working with complex data to inform public policy. He has led several large scale implementation and outcome evaluations as well as planning processes to support systems change efforts across California counties, including AB 109 Realignment, Proposition 47 the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, AB 1421 establishing Laura’s Law, AB 1810 Mental Health Diversion, and most recently Senate Bill 129 establishing California’s statewide pretrial program and Senate Bill 1338 establishing CARE Court in California.     Dr. Davaran was the project manager and lead researcher for the Santa Cruz County Probation Department’s engagement with Arnold Venture’s Reducing Revocations Challenge, an initiative seeking to drive transformational change within probation agencies to increase the success of adults under community supervision. In this role he led an action research team working with probation staff and leadership, adults under probation supervision, and justice system partners to explore a wide range of potential revocation drivers including 1) terms and conditions of probation, 2) client behavior, 3) probation officer approaches and responses to client behavior, and 4) court dispositions. Dr. Davaran has continued his work with the Department by supporting the development and implementation of 18 policy and practice recommendations stemming from the Reducing Revocations Challenge.