Profile Associate DirectorCenter for Effective Public Policy

Matt Alsdorf

Matt Alsdorf is an Associate Director at CEPP and Co-Director of Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research. He is a nationally recognized expert in pretrial advancement, with a focus on the national, state, and local legal landscapes. Mr. Alsdorf is an experienced lawyer and nonprofit leader whose work has focused on improving criminal justice policies and practices and enhancing the delivery of justice, particularly in the pretrial space. Mr.

Profile Probation Foster Care SpecialistChief Probation Officers of California

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson is the Probation Foster Care Specialist at the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC). In 2018, she joined CPOC and assisted with the implementation of the Continuum of Care Reform and has worked on the implementation of Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) and other foster care policy matters. Prior to this role, she was an Arts in Corrections (AIC) Program Manager at the California Arts Council, where she assisted in the expansion of art programs in all the California state institutions.

Profile Assistant Chief Probation OfficerButte County Probation

Amy Asher

As the Assistant Chief Probation Officer in Butte County, Amy Asher brings experience and dedication to the field of probation. With a career spanning over 15 years in probation services, she has risen through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional leadership and a commitment to community safety, removing barriers, and providing opportunities to youth and adults under supervision.

Profile Associate DirectorCenter for Effective Public Policy

Dr. Kelvin L. Banks

Dr. Kelvin L. Banks is an Associate Director at CEPP, where he works primarily on the APPR initiative. A national expert on the criminal justice system, including pretrial services, Dr. Banks is the lead technical assistance provider for several APPR localities and manages APPR’s training agenda, which has reached over 4,000 participants. Dr. Banks was formerly the Director of Pretrial Services for Harris County, Texas, and for the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan in Detroit (Wayne County), and he served for many years as a Clinical Probation Officer.

Profile Supervising Probation OfficerMariposa County Probation

Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett, Supervising Probation Officer, Mariposa County. 16 years with Mariposa and the last 2 years supervising the Pretrial and Supervised OR unit. Married to Debra and share 7 children and 12 grandchildren. Lover of everything Ohio State. 

Profile Chief Probation Officer Santa Barbara County Probation

Holly Benton

Holly Benton has served as Chief Probation Officer for the County of Santa Barbara Probation Department since 2023.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSanta Clara County Probation

Nicholas Birchard

Chief Probation Officer Nicholas Birchard has dedicated over 25 years to the Santa Clara County Probation Department, spearheading initiatives designed to enhance public safety and support justice-involved individuals in their efforts to exit the system. One of his notable achievements includes leading the Probation Department’s Initiative to End Girls’ Incarceration, a collaborative effort with county justice stakeholders to create a strategic plan aimed at eliminating the detention and placement of girls in the county.

Profile Victim Witness Advocate and DeputyFresno County Probation James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center

Luis Carbajal

Luis Carbajal is a Victim Witness Advocate at the Fresno County Probation Department’s James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center, specializing in a wide range of victimizations, including robbery, assault, DUI, and homicide cases.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Fresno. He has been working with the public for approximately ten years, and with at risk populations for three years. His career goal is to help and be a resource for those impacted by difficulties in their lives.

Profile Deputy Probation Officer Riverside County Probation

Tiffany Carel

Tiffany has worked in various juvenile assignments throughout the entirety of her 12-year career. Serving as the Extended Foster Care Probation Officer in Riverside County for nearly seven years, she traveled to 18 states to oversee/assist foster youth residing in SILPs, as well as out of county THPP-NMDs.  Prior to her time in Extended Foster Care, she was assigned to the Independent Living, Placement, and Investigations units in her department.

Profile Assistant Division Director Orange County Probation

Michael Casteel

Michael Casteel has worked with Orange County Probation Department since 2006. Over the course of the last 18 years Michael has embraced the change that has swept across the law enforcement community and has become a leader that inspires those around him with a commitment to excellence and dedication to the community.

Profile Assistant Presiding JudgeSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of San Bernardino

Rodney A. Cortez

The Hon. Rodney A. Cortez is the Assistant Presiding Judge for the San Bernardino Superior Court. He was born in Livermore, California, and graduated from Granada High School and Brigham Young University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate degrees. He joined the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office in 1996 and later became a Superior Court Judge appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Judge Cortez oversees criminal cases at the San Bernardino Justice Center and chairs multiple committees, including Budget, Criminal, and Security.

Profile Deputy Chief Probation OfficerSanta Barbara County Probation

Spencer Cross

Spencer began his career with the Probation Department in 1999 as a Juvenile Institutions Officer at the Santa Barbara Juvenile Hall. Over the past 25 years, he has held a variety of assignments in the Facilities, Juvenile and Adult divisions, giving him a broad base of experience and knowledge. His dedication to collaboration with the local justice system partners and County stakeholders has been instrumental in the implementation of new County criminal justice initiatives and innovative programs.

Profile Senior ConsultantDavaran Consulting

Ardavan Davaran

Ardavan Davaran, Ph.D., is a trained sociologist and mixed-methods researcher with a background in criminal justice and behavioral health policy research. Dr. Davaran has extensive experience working with complex data to inform public policy.

Profile Juvenile Justice ConsultantChief Probation Officers of California

Robert Doty

Retired Juvenile Division Director; Santa Cruz County Probation Department. Robert Doty is a consultant at Robert S. Doty Consulting, LLC.  He specializes in consulting on Juvenile Justice projects for  California Probation Departments, County System partners,  and Community-Based Organizations. His focus is on  supporting and guiding system improvements to enhance  outcomes for youth and families.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerContra Costa County Probation

Esa Ehmen-Krause

Esa Ehmen-Krause was appointed Chief Probation Officer in Contra Costa County on March 16, 2020. Prior to joining the Contra Costa County Probation Department, she was Assistant Chief Probation Officer in Alameda County, where she was responsible for oversight of numerous comprehensive reform initiatives. Before arriving in California, Chief Ehmen-Krause was an administrator with the Indiana Department of Correction, where she served as an administrator for the Division of Youth Services.

Profile Deputy Probation Officer IIIMono County Probation

Leianna Eissinger

Leianna Eissinger, Deputy Probation Officer III, began her career with the El Dorado County Probation Department in South Lake Tahoe, as an intern fifteen years ago. After her internship, she was hired at the Juvenile Treatment Center and expanded her knowledge of the juvenile justice system. Raising two young children as a single mother she attended college courses for several years, earning the accreditation required for employment with the probation department.

Profile Assistant DirectorLCSW, Youth for Change

Karen Eley

Karen Eley has been working at Youth for Change since 2012. She loves getting to work with youth and families in the community as well as her co-workers. Karen is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and is passionate about introducing people to the outdoors. She loves to travel, play with her dog named Wilder, and be outside.

Profile Judge-Elect, CommissionerSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of Sonoma

Kenneth G. English

Commissioner English attended The George Washington University Law School. After law school, Commissioner English clerked for the Hon. Alan B. Johnson, judge for the Federal District Court for the District of Wyoming. During his clerkship, he worked on a wide variety of cases, including a challenge to the gray wolves of Yellowstone Park’s status on the endangered species list.

Profile Policy AnalystChief Probation Officers of California

Nikki Figueroa

Nicole (Nikki) Figueroa serves as a policy analyst at the Chief Probation Officers of California CPOC, where she supports the team on several probation-related topics such as pretrial, CalAIM, etc. Prior to joining CPOC, 

Profile Youth Services SpecialistImperial County Probation

Aryanna Figueroa

Aryanna Figueroa is a Youth Services Specialist with Imperial County Probation Department’s Project ASPIRE. Aryanna is currently in the process of earning a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at Grand Canyon University and is a San Diego State University alum. She obtained a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice and minor in public administration. Aryanna also has an Associate of Science degree in Administration of Justice, Sociology, Social Science, & Behavioral Science from Imperial Valley Collage.

Profile ProfessorArizona State University

Adam Fine

Adam D. Fine is a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. A developmental psychologist conducting research at the intersection of psychology, law, public policy, and criminology, Fine’s research broadly focuses on juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. His work has been funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. 

Profile Deputy Probation OfficerNevada County Probation

Jeff French

Deputy Probation Officer Jeff French has been with the Nevada County Probation Department for 8 years. He has worked in juvenile hall as a group supervisor and carried both adult and juvenile caseloads as a probation supervision officer. His current caseload consists of low, moderate, and high-risk juveniles, and he also oversees the Juvenile Court. Jeff has embraced the School Liaison Officer program with great enthusiasm and has become a valued resource for the schools he serves.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSonoma County Probation

Vanessa Fuchs

Vanessa Fuchs is the Sonoma County Chief Probation Officer. She has served in that capacity for 20 months but has been with the Department for over 25 years. The vast majority of her time with the Department has been in Juvenile Services, spending 17 years in Institutions, both at the Juvenile Hall and becoming the first female Director of the all-male Probation Camp. She graduated cum laude with distinction from Sonoma State University with a Sociology major and Criminal Justice minor. In 2015, she completed the American Probation and Parole Association’s Leadership Academy.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSanta Cruz County Probation

Fernando Giraldo

Fernando Giraldo is a visionary leader in the field of probation, currently serving as the Chief Probation Officer for the Santa Cruz County Probation Department with a tenure dating back to 1995.

Profile Supervising Probation OfficerSacramento County Probation

Stewart Grace

SPO Stewart Grace has been a dedicated member of Sacramento County Probation for over 21 years serving in the Youth Detention Facility, Juvenile Court/Intake, Adult Community Corrections/Adult Intake, Adult Court, and the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force. He currently manages a unit within the Probation Pretrial Division. As the Department’s pretrial subject matter expert, he played a key role in the initial Pilot program, researching and developing operational procedures.  He was a member of the pretrial implementation team as it transitioned from pilot to a model program.

Profile Assistant Division DirectorRiverside County Probation

Melissa Guzman

Assistant Division Director Melissa Guzman with Riverside County Probation is a seasoned professional in criminal justice, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Business Management focused on Public Administration. She gained practical experience as a Paralegal, Private Investigator, and Emergency Dispatcher prior to joining probation. Since 2007, Melissa has excelled as a Probation Officer, showcasing leadership and a steadfast commitment to public service.

Profile Chief Deputy Probation OfficerSan Luis Obispo County Probation

Marguerite Harris

Marguerite Harris is a Chief Deputy Probation Officer for the San Luis Obispo County’s Probation Department and has served as the Superintendent of Department’s Juvenile Hall since 2016. Marguerite started her career in probation in 1997, as a Juvenile Institutions Officer for Santa Barbara County. She was hired by San Luis County Probation Department in 2001 as a Juvenile Services Officer. Marguerite was promoted through the ranks having a variety of assignments in the Juvenile Divisions.

Profile Presiding JudgeSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of Orange

Maria D. Hernandez

The Honorable Maria D. Hernandez was appointed to the bench as a commissioner in 2006 and appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a judge in 2009. She was elected as assistant presiding judge of the Superior Court of Orange County in 2021 and then elected as presiding judge in January 2023. Prior to serving on the bench, she worked as a senior deputy public defender in Orange County.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerPlacer County Probation

Marshall Hopper

Marshall Hopper has worked in the probation field for over 33 years, 27 of those years in Placer County. During his career in Placer County, he worked his way through the ranks, from a Deputy Probation Officer to Chief. He has served as the Placer County Chief Probation Officer for the last 13 years. Marshall is committed to making a difference in the community, the lives of individuals under probation supervision and the staff within his organization. Marshall believes that a balanced supervision approach is the key to success and provides the best opportunity for positive change.

Profile Pretrial Division DirectorSanta Cruz County Probation

Yolanda James-Sevilla

Pretrial Division Director for Santa Cruz County Probation.  I have a BS in Administration of Justice and a Doctor of Jurisprudence.  I have been with the County of Santa Cruz for over 35 years and at the Probation Department for the past 21 years serving in multiple capacities as a DPO, Supervisor and ADD.

Profile Deputy Probation Officer IMarin County Probation

Desiree Johnson

Desiree Johnson has worked as a Deputy Probation Officer for the Marin Probation Department for 5 years. She has held a juvenile supervision and juvenile placement caseload. She has been working with placement youth since 2020 and works closely with both youth in STRTPs as well as local RFAs. She is a Parent Project facilitator and she is passionate about working with youth in the justice system by linking them to services and providing opportunities to get the resources they need to be motivated for self-change.”

Profile Chief Business Development OfficerEquivant Supervision and Pretrial

Chris Kamin

Chris is a seasoned veteran with over two decades of dedicated service in the criminal justice sector, working in positions including equivant Supervision and Pretrial COO, Customer Success Manager, Implementation Lead and previously as a practitioner in the field of Community Corrections.

Profile Chief Probation Officer San Mateo County Probation

John Keene

John Keene has served as Chief Probation Officer of San Mateo County since 2013. He began his career in Probation in Alameda County in 1998. Before his time in Alameda County, Chief Keene worked as a police officer and investigator for the State of Louisiana Department of Public Safety. He has more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement and community corrections. Chief Keene also works as a Professional Development Coach across multiple disciplines and industries. 

Profile Assistant Vice PresidentSycamores

Timothy Lin

Timothy Lin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience providing services to children, adolescents, adults, and families within the clinic, school, community, residential, and shelter settings. Currently serving as an Assistant Vice President within Sycamores, Timothy oversees the organization’s Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP), Foster Family Agency (FFA) and Intensive-Services Foster Care (ISFC), Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT), and Service Area 3 Community-Based Mental Health Services.

Profile PresidentJustice System Partners

Dr. Brian Lovins

Dr. Brian Lovins is the President for JSP. He earned his PhD in Criminology from the University of Cincinnati, and he is the Immediate past-President for the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). Prior to JSP, Dr. Lovins worked for Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) as the Assistant Director. He was tasked with developing and implementing agency wide change plans to drive increased successful completion rates. Dr. Lovins has been instrumental in introducing the referee/coach conversation to the field. In 2018, Dr.

Profile Senior Deputy Probation OfficerSacramento County Probation

Gabo Ly

Sr. Deputy Probation Officer (Sr. DPO) Gabo Ly has been a dedicated member of Sacramento County Probation for over 20 years serving in the Youth Detention Facility Special Needs Unit and Adult Community Corrections AB 109 Intake Unit before transitioning to the Pretrial Division in 2019. She provided case management support to higher risk clients while assisting with the development of the Pretrial procedure manual.

Profile Presiding JudgeSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of Mono

Mark Magit

The Honorable Mark Magit has served as a Mono County Superior Court Judge since 2011. Prior to his distinguished tenure on the bench, Judge Magit contributed significantly to Mono County’s legal landscape. His roles included serving as Assistant County Counsel, Deputy District Attorney, and Director of the Local Child Support Agency. Judge Magit earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts degree at UC Santa Barbara. 

Profile ConsultantChief Probation Officers of California Foundation

Kathy Martinez

Kathy Martinez is a retired Deputy Chief Probation Officer from Santa Clara County. She is currently a consultant for the Chief Probation Officers of California Foundation (CPOCF), which she assists with the development of certain foster care training curricula for probation.  Kathy also provides technical assistance to county probation departments that are implementing a comprehensive prevention plan specific to Part I of the Family First Prevention Services Act

Profile Clinical SupervisorSeneca Family of Agencies-Bay Area Placement Programs

Juliana Marx-Andler, LCSW

Juliana (she/hers) is a Clinical Supervisor for Seneca Family of Agencies, overseeing placement programs providing a spectrum of services across a span of need and intensity in partnership with various counties across the state of California. Juliana additionally facilitates trainings for families and staff on trauma informed caregiving, crisis response interventions, safety planning and attachment. She obtained her MSW from NYU Silver School of Social Work and currently resides in the Bay Area with her spouse and two children.

Profile Deputy DirectorChief Probation Officers of California

Rosemary McCool

Rosemary Lamb McCool serves as Deputy Director at the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC), where she primarily focuses on juvenile justice policy and assists in overseeing the association’s day-to-day operations. With nearly eleven years of experience at CPOC, Rosie previously worked on public safety policy at the California State Association of Counties. She began her career as an Executive Fellow in Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s Office through the Capitol Fellows Program, relocating from southern California to Sacramento.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSan Francisco County Juvenile Probation

Katy Weinstein Miller

Katy Weinstein Miller is the Chief Probation Officer for San Francisco’s Juvenile Probation Department, where she has served since January 2020. She came to Juvenile Probation following 12 years at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, where she served as an Assistant District Attorney, Managing Attorney, and ultimately Chief of Programs and Initiatives, leading policy and program development for the DA’s alternative justice programs and strategies.

Profile Deputy Probation Officer IINevada County Probation

Karyn Mueller

Deputy Probation Officer, Karyn Mueller, has been with the Nevada County Probation Department for six years. She has focused her attention on justice involved youth and related referral prevention strategies. For the past three years, she has been the lead School Liaison Officer in efforts to collaborate with schools and reach youth at earlier stages of development.  She takes the love of outdoor sports and gardening and tries to implement into pro-social activities that benefit the community youth. 

Profile Chief Probation OfficerLake County Probation

Wendy Mondfrans

Wendy Mondfrans is the Chief Probation Officer of Lake County. She has been with the Department for 14 years. She graduated from McGeorge School of Law in 1998 and practiced law until coming to Lake County Probation.  As a deputy probation officer, Wendy primarily worked with youth in foster care and wraparound programs.  She served as Chief Deputy and Assistant Chief before being appointed Chief in January 2023. Wendy has taught SLA and Engaging Other classes for the CPOC Foundation, Placement Core for UC Davis, and Administration of Justice Classes for Mendocino College.

Profile PresidentReimagine Freedom

Jessica Nowlan

Jessica Nowlan is a social entrepreneur and movement leader with a focus on building the resources and structures required to realize liberation. During her seven-year tenure as Executive Director of Young Women’s Freedom Center, Jessica supported the organization’s growth from 5 to 45 staff members and 1 to 5 locations and increased the annual budget by over 1700%. Jessica also drafted and launched a Freedom Charter with a base of over 400 formerly incarcerated women, young women, and trans people of all genders. Jessica was the 2019 – 2021 Leading Edge Fellow.

Profile Supervising Probation OfficerStanislaus County Probation

Bryan Ousby

Bryan Ousby is a Supervising Probation Officer for the Stanislaus County Probation Department. He has been with the department for just over 20 years. He is currently assigned to the Pretrial Unit and have been since its inception in 2020. He has worked firsthand with local stakeholders and outside consultants in creating our pretrial program.

Profile Supervising Probation OfficerSanta Cruz County Probation

Samuel Palomares

Samuel Palomares, Supervising Probation Officer at Santa Cruz County Probation Department since 2014. He brings 15 years of experience in the field starting as a Juvenile Institutional Officer in 2009 and becoming a Deputy Probation Officer in 2011. Samuel Palomares has been assigned to a variety of assignments in both the Juvenile and the Adult Division. In 2022 He was promoted to Supervising Probation Officer overseeing the General Supervision population within Santa Cruz County. Samuel Palomares is a graduate of California State University of Fresno.

Profile Executive DirectorChief Probation Officers of California

Karen Pank

Karen Pank serves as the Executive Director of CPOC, where she has built a track record of successfully advocating for major correctional policy reforms in California. In 2009, she was instrumental in the passage of SB 678, historic community corrections legislation that led to the reduction of felony probation revocations. Karen is particularly adept at working diligently with key stakeholders.

Profile Division Director IISan Bernardino County Probation

Juan Preciado

Division Director II Juan Preciado has 26 years of experience with the San Bernardino County Probation Department.  He has worked in both the Juvenile Detention and Field Services arena as well as Adult Investigations and Adult Field Operations.  In addition, his experience includes oversight over the departments Research Unit within the Administrative Bureau and is a long-standing member of the Departments Adult Workbook and Strategic Plan Committee.      Director Preciado leads a division with additional specialized programs including Housing, Community

Profile Probation SupervisorMarin County Probation

Tony Raitano

Tony Raitano has worked for the Marin County Probation Department for 12 years. He has worked in following assignments: juvenile intake, juvenile supervision, AB-109 supervision, the DUI caseload, the STAR (Support and Treatment After Release) assignment, COPE (Coordination of Probation Enforcement) assignment, and was promoted to his current position of Supervisor in 2020 overseeing the juvenile supervision and placement unit. Tony has a decade of experience in placement and supervision in the juvenile division.

Profile Victim/Witness AdvocateFresno County Probation James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center

Brandie Razo

Brandie has had 15 years of experience as a Victim Advocate, both at the Fresno County Probation Department and the Fresno Police Department’s Domestic Violence and Financial Crimes Unit, availing her the unique opportunities to work with victims, deputy probation officers and detectives alike.  She has been at the James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center since 2021 as a domestic violence victim advocate.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSan Bernardino County Probation

Tracy Reece

Chief Probation Officer Tracy Reece began her career with the San Bernardino County Probation Department in 1990. She was promoted to Chief Probation Officer in March of 2022, after advancements through several ranks and assignments. Chief Reece holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Psychology and received her Master of Art in Leadership and Organizational Studies.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerSan Luis Obispo County Probation

Robert Reyes

Robert Reyes was appointed as the Chief Probation Officer for San Luis Obispo County on October 17, 2020. As the Chief Probation Officer, Robert implemented the Department’s 1st canine service program for the detection of narcotics and firearms to improve public safety, partnered with local hotels to serve unhoused probationers, and established a professional parent, wraparound foster home program for probation youth. Robert currently serves on the Executive Committee of CPOC as the Central Region Chair and is a member of CPOC’s Legislative, Juvenile Services, and Training committees.

Profile Chief Probation OfficerEl Dorado County Probation

Brian Richart

Since 2013 Brian Richart has been the judicially appointed Chief Probation Officer for the County of El Dorado in California.  Prior to this appointment, Chief Richart served three years as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Adult services in the county of Alameda and thirteen years with the County of Shasta, including four as Chief Probation Officer. He was the 2020 President of the Chief Probation Officers of California and a member of their Executive, Legislative Advisory, and Juvenile Advisory Committees.

Profile Chief of System Change and Equity DivisionOffice of Youth and Community Restoration

Marcia Rincon-Gallardo

Marcia Rincon-Gallardo is Chief of the Systems Change and Equity Division. She leads a team of managers, analysts, and support staff to provide technical assistance on youth justice innovation to counties while developing relationships with youth leaders, community, youth justice stakeholders and local governments. Ms. Rincon-Gallardo designs, identifies, and disseminates policies and strategies to increase equity for youth of color and end the incarceration of youth, and of subgroups such as girls and gender expansive youth.

Profile Assistant Deputy ChiefFresno County Probation James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center

Karen Roach

Karen Roach was hired as a Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) with the Fresno County Probation Department in 1994 and was promoted to Asst Deputy Chief in 2006.  As a DPO, she has had an array of assignments, both Juvenile and Adult, and was a member of the Department’s training team for fifteen years as an Assistant Range Master and Simunitions instructor.  She has had oversight of the James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center, Fresno County’s Victim Witness Center, since 2017.  Ms.

Profile Deputy Probation Officer IImperial County Probation

Michelle Roldan

Michelle Roldan, Deputy Probation Officer with Imperial County Probation Department. Michelle worked as a Youth Service Specialist for approximately two years with Imperial County Probation Department’s Project ASPIRE as a Youth Services Specialist. Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Barry University in Miami, Florida and was a full-time student athlete, as the team captain for four years.

Profile Probation ManagerPlacer County Probation

Mollie Ronco

Mollie Ronco is a Probation Manager who has been working in Placer County for over 27 years. Mollie is currently assigned to the Outreach Division for our homeless population and has worked in all areas of the Probation Department including Adult Services, Pretrial services, Alternative Sentencing, Juvenile Supervision, Juvenile Placement and Adult and Juvenile Court Services.

Profile Initiative Director, Ending Girls' IncarcerationVera Institute of Justice

Lindsay Rosenthal

Lindsay Rosenthal is the initiative director of Ending Girls’ Incarceration. She leads Vera’s efforts to end the incarceration of girls and gender expansive youth nationwide, by reforming punitive law enforcement practices and creating pathways to sustainable, in-community well-being, safety, and justice. Previously, Lindsay was a policy and advocacy fellow at the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Profile Supervising Deputy Probation OfficerSonoma County Probation

Heather Sides

Heather Sides is a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer at the Sonoma County Probation Department, Adult Division. Heather joined the department in 1998 and has worked in Field Services, Investigations and as a Court officer. As a supervisor, she has managed field officers, treatment court officers, investigators, jail alternatives staff and is the Training Coordinator for the Adult Division. In late 2019, she assumed one of the two supervisor positions in the expanded Sonoma County Pretrial Services Unit, part of the Judicial Council of California’s Pretrial Pilot Program.

Profile ProfessorUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeley

Jennifer Skeem

Jennifer Skeem is a Professor of Public Policy and Social Welfare at UC Berkeley, where she directs the Risk-Resilience Lab.  Skeem is psychologist who writes and teaches about the intersection between behavioral science and criminal justice. Her research is designed to inform efforts to prevent violence, improve decision-making about people involved in the justice system, and achieve effective and equitable justice reform.

Profile Supervising Deputy Probation Officer Yuba County Probation

April Sonnenburg

April Sonnenburg has dedicated 22 years of service to the Yuba County Probation Department, including nine years in a supervisory role. She has been an integral part of the pre-trial unit since its establishment in 2016, contributing to Yuba County’s pioneering efforts as one of the first pilot counties to implement such a program.

Profile Senior Victim/Witness Advocate Fresno County Probation James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center

Melinda Taylor

Melinda Taylor is a Senior Victim/Witness Advocate with seven years of experience in the Fresno County Probation Department James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center.  Melinda has numerous years of experience as a Madera County Deputy Probation Officer and then as a Police Officer with her alma mater, California State University of Fresno. She has also served many years in local missions’ outreach. This unconventional career path has fortified Melinda with diverse perspectives and the wherewithal to assist victims of crime in overcoming the many obstacles they are forced to face.

Profile Director of Juvenile FacilitiesSan Francisco County Juvenile Probation

Shane Thomas

Shane Thomas has over 25 years of sworn experience working in probation.  Throughout her career she has worked in the adult, juvenile and facilities divisions of probation. In her current assignment as Director of Facilities in San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department (SFJPD) she oversees the daily operations and program implementations of the detention and STYF populations.  Prior to joining SFJPD, Shane Thomas worked in Alameda County with her last assignment as Division Director of Adult Field Services. Ms.

Profile Behavior Intervention Services ManagerSan Luis Obispo County Office of Education

Lindsey Tompkins

Lindsey has been working in education since 2010 in which time she has worked in multiple positions and capacities including Paraprofessional roles in special education, as a District Autism Specialist and in her current role as the Behavior Intervention Services Manager for the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education. Lindsey is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and works in supporting multi-tiered systems of support specifically targeting social-emotional and behavioral supports.

Profile Deputy Chief Probation OfficerSan Diego County Probation

Abigail Torres

From San Diego County Probation Department, Deputy Chief Probation Officer Abby Torres with Adult Reintegration and Community Supervision Services.  Abby manages San Diego Probation’s Reentry and Pretrial Services team, Collaborative Courts and Specialized Units and AB109 Division. She has been with San Diego County Probation for nearly 22 years, during which time she has worked with and led an assortment of probation teams and has been instrumental in delivering services to clients while collaborating with community and justice partners.

Profile Deputy Probation OfficerOrange County Probation

Paul Tuipulotu

Paul graduated with Bachelor’s of Arts in Criminal Justice in 2008 from Cal State Fullerton. Started working with Orange County Probation in July 2013 as a deputy juvenile correctional officer. Promoted to Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer in 2021. In February of 2022, promoted to deputy probation officer and currently assigned to AB109 Post Community Release Supervision West County. 

Profile Chief Probation OfficerTulare County Probation

Kelly Vernon

Kelly M. Vernon has been the Chief Probation Officer for Tulare County since March of 2023, after serving the Kings County Probation Department as Chief for 8 years. Chief Vernon has 32 years of experience in probation, having served in a myriad of line, supervisory and management positions. Chief Vernon is proud to serve as the President of CPOC for 2024 and strongly believes in the mission of probation; providing rehabilitative opportunities and accountability for safer communities.

Profile Supervising AttorneyPretrial and Community ConnectionsSan Diego Public Defender

Matthew Wechter

Matt Wechter is the Supervising Attorney for the Pretrial Advocacy and Community Connections (PACC) Team at the San Diego Public Defender. This new team has been formed to address client needs early and often after arrest through arraignment, and to establish CBO and county partnerships to assist with client stability after release in the pretrial phase.

Profile CEOCognisen

Tom Westfall

Tom Westfall is a seasoned technology leader with over 25 years of experience in software companies specializing in Community Supervision Case Management Systems. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in designing, architecting, and developing multiple market-leading solutions on a national scale. Tom’s expertise spans both the technological and business aspects of the supervision market, rooted in his deep understanding of end-user needs and business processes. 

Profile Deputy Probation OfficerSan Francisco County Adult Probation

Jamica Walker

Jamica Walker is a Deputy Probation Officer for the San Francisco Adult Probation Department, currently serving in the Community Success Service. Jamica has dedicated over 15 years to supporting youth and justice involved adults. Prior to her current role, she was a Juvenile Probation Officer at the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department for 5 years, where she helped to develop the new Secure Track program and was responsible for supporting and supervising youth and transitional age young people committed to the county’s Secure Youth Treatment Facility.

Profile Supervising Probation OfficerRiverside County Probation

Tara Willey

Tara Willey is a Supervising Probation Officer at Riverside County Probation Department with 16 years of experience specializing in juvenile field assignments. She currently oversees a unit of probation officers supervising Non-Minor Dependents (NMD) participating in the Extended Foster Care (EFC) program. She created a process to streamline the transition from a STRTP to a Transitional Housing Program (THP).

Profile Judicial OfficerSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of Yuba

Benjamin Z. Wirtschafter

The Honorable Benjamin Z. Wirtschafter, a judge for the Superior Court of California, County of Yuba, brings a wealth of legal experience to his role. Elected to the bench in 2012, he currently presides over a diverse range of cases, including criminal, infraction arraignment, misdemeanor, and traffic court cases. Prior to his election to the bench, Judge Wirtschafter served as a public defender in Yuba County since 2004. He also served two terms on the Marysville City Council in 2004, was re-elected in 2006, and served until 2010.

Profile Deputy Probation OfficerSacramento County Probation

Alicia Ybarra

DPO Alicia Ybarra has close to 25 years with Probation serving Santa Cruz and Sacramento in Re-entry, Adult and Juvenile Investigations, Domestic Violence, Restitution, and currently Pretrial. As a Pretrial team member, she developed policies and procedures, implemented the Pretrial Community Clothing Closet, case managed clients, and is currently a Night Court Liaison. Alicia was previously recognized by the Board of Supervisors for her work in Juvenile Detention Reform with the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Profile Deputy Probation OfficerSan Francisco County Adult Probation

Patrick Yalon

Patrick Yalon is a San Francisco Native with 11 years of experience working with both youth and adults in the community. During his time working for the city, he has worked as a Counselor with teens at Juvenile Hall, as a Juvenile Probation Officer, and is currently employed as a DPO in the PRCS Unit at SFAPD. In his free time he enjoys traveling, surfing, running ultra-marathons, and is finishing up his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.