Karen Roach

Profile Assistant Deputy ChiefFresno County Probation James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center

Karen Roach was hired as a Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) with the Fresno County Probation Department in 1994 and was promoted to Asst Deputy Chief in 2006.  As a DPO, she has had an array of assignments, both Juvenile and Adult, and was a member of the Department’s training team for fifteen years as an Assistant Range Master and Simunitions instructor.  She has had oversight of the James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center, Fresno County’s Victim Witness Center, since 2017.  Ms. Roach has the unique perspective of working with victims’ not only in her current capacity, but also  when she was a case carrying Deputy Probation Officer.  Raising awareness of victim rights and services is one of her top priorities, as well as ensuring officers understand the crucial role they play in a victims’ healing.