Kenneth G. English

Profile Judge-Elect, CommissionerSuperior Court of CaliforniaCounty of Sonoma

Commissioner English attended The George Washington University Law School. After law school, Commissioner English clerked for the Hon. Alan B. Johnson, judge for the Federal District Court for the District of Wyoming. During his clerkship, he worked on a wide variety of cases, including a challenge to the gray wolves of Yellowstone Park’s status on the endangered species list. After his clerkship, Commissioner English practiced civil litigation, wine law, and criminal defense in Napa.  In 2011, Commissioner English joined the Sonoma County Superior Court as the supervising research attorney, later becoming the court’s managing attorney. As managing attorney, Commissioner English oversaw the court’s application for the Pretrial Release Pilot Grant. In January 2020, Commissioner English was appointed as a commissioner to the Sonoma County Superior Court, with primary duties related to the Pretrial Release Pilot Program and hearing a misdemeanor calendar. From September 2020 to September 2022, Commissioner English was both a Pretrial Release Pilot commissioner and the Pretrial Release Pilot program manager. Presently Commissioner English hears a misdemeanor calendar full time and has handed off the Pretrial Release program to the court’s newest commissioner. Commissioner English gives talks on the importance of pre-arraignment and pretrial release throughout the state.   Commissioner English is also a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, and a University of California Certified California Naturalist and Climate Steward.