ICYMI: San Joaquin County’s Newly Implemented SJ CARES Program is on the Move


San Joaquin, Cali. – June 4, 2024 - The newly created, San Joaquin Community Assessment, Response, and Engagement Services (SJ CARES) team has been actively engaged in conducting homeless outreach throughout San Joaquin County.

SJ CARES aims to address homelessness by utilizing a multidisciplinary team to consolidate outreach initiatives throughout the County. This comprehensive approach allows us to service as many members of our community as possible. Our department has collaborated with local agencies and non-profit organizations to ensure we are connecting with the appropriate resources to provide support services for our unhoused community.

Our department has created a team of probation officers who work in partnership with local organizations to conduct outreach to provide wrap-around services such as housing, clothing, hygiene products, medical assistance, employment, and more.

The goal of SJ CARES is to build relationships with clients, gain their trust, and encourage them to accept the services offered.

“This has been an eye opening first few months. We are constantly assessing situations and the needs of individuals who are unhoused. Although there may be roadblocks at times, the team continues to find ways around them in an attempt to provide services to those who are unhoused and increase public safety,” says Jordan Richards, Probation Unit Supervisor. 

With daily outreach being conducted, below are notable highlights from referrals received from our local law enforcement partners:

  • May 16: Outreach conducted in Victor, outside of Lodi. The team connected with four individuals; all were open to receiving services.
  • May 23: Outreach conducted throughout Stockton, primarily near the Mormon Slough. The team connected with 11 unhoused individuals, nine requested assistance and follow-up services.
  • May 29: Outreach conducted in Stockton. The team connected with 11 individuals, five have requested follow-up services.

A special thank you to our local law enforcement partners who have conducted outreach with us, including the Stockton Police Department, and the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office. Also, to Jessica Velez, from the Red Rabbit Organization, for her assistance with outreach efforts.

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